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Charles Taylor
Taylor Speech & Language, LLC

1. Tell us about your practice, including the location (city & state) and the services you provide.

Taylor Speech & Language, LLC is a private practice located in Bayonne, New Jersey. After attending one of the best workshops I ever attended on becoming a corporate speech pathologist, I embarked on a journey to develop my skills in accent modification. I have always loved accent work, and decided that it was time to start seeing clients. In the beginning, I would go to where the clients were at a local university that boasted a well-known teacher preparation program. Many international students were in the program, and they often had problems being understood during their student teaching experiences. To assist them, the dean brought me in. It was a wonderful experience, and I became known by others for my expertise in accent work. Due to my fears of expanding my private practice, I did not market my business. All of that changed in January of 2014 when one of my doctors telephoned me that recent medical testing revealed that I had cancer. That same year, as I was undergoing treatment, I decided that I no longer had anything else to fear. Cancer was NOT going to win!!! I opened my speech clinic, and I could not be happier. By the way, the workshop that I attended was presented by the one and only Katie Schwartz.

2. What do you find most rewarding about being a corporate speech trainer?
I am always excited by how motivated my clients are about improving their communications skills. Although I also see persons presenting with clinical disorders, there is something very different and touching about working with individuals who come to this country with extraordinary skills and the determination to be understood in this great land of ours. My clients’ love of America always inspires me.

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