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Free Profile Listing & Search Function

Visitors can search for you by your name, city, state or region.

Mentoring Program for Members Only

Give or receive one hour of free mentoring on a specific topic. Get help to get started or expand your business, or offer that assistance to someone else in CORSPAN! This mentoring benefits both parties and is one of our most popular benefits.

List Serv

Ask questions, answer those of others, or simply participate by reading the information shared! You never know when you might need this knowledge!

You will know a Corspan colleague is as close as your computer. You will be notified when your e-mail has been added to this list-serv. This group is not searchable by anyone outside our community for your privacy.

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Articles, web links and videos created and shared by our members are available here.

International advertising for Your prospective clients

Corspan is doing advertising targeted to the states and provinces where our members live (in several countries). Prospects are directed to our website to view your profile. Others contact Corspan directly looking for the closest member with the desired skills, and are referred to him or her. This advertising is intended to augment your own efforts; results cannot be guaranteed.

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Learn new skills through serving as a Board member or much appreciated volunteer, as well as have the pleasure of working closely with members from around the world! Stay tuned! Some of our members volunteer as little as a single hour!

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