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Corporate Speech Pathology — Career Information

Corporate Speech Pathology is a specialized area of practice offering many new opportunities for speech professionals to expand their practice. We provide work-related training to enable employees to become effective communicators in the business and professional world. We promote our services both to individuals and to companies that may benefit from improved communication.

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What Will You Do as a Corporate Speech Trainer?

Speech improvement, accent modification, intercultural communication, public speaking, non-verbal communication, voice improvement, speech reading, enhancements for the hearing impaired, written language instruction, Standard American English review, American idioms for non-native English speakers, sales techniques, coaching for interviews, and more!

What Types of Clients Can You Expect to Help?

Managers, scientists, customer service representatives, physicians, entrepreneurs, information technology professionals, physicians, nurses, machine operators, government personnel, sales representatives, clergy, insurance executives, media personalities, investment brokers, real estate developers, market researchers, performers, public officials, fashion designers, broadcast journalists, actors, attorneys, event planners, educators, and more.

The Top 6 Reasons For Starting a Corporate Speech Training Business:
  • Profitability
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Motivated clients
  • Exciting and variable training challenges
  • Flexibility
  • Lower overhead
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