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Dr. Beulah Johnson-Keels

1. Tell us about your practice, including the location (city & state) and the services you provide.

Speech EFX is located in beautiful, St. Petersburg, Florida. I began my practice in 2001, as a part time venture, but for the past two years I have been happily running Speech EFX full time. I’ve worked in various settings as a Speech-Language Pathologist, but over the years I’ve found that I have a penchant for working with business professionals and athletes. However, my love for speech and language finds me welcoming all who elect to improve their communication skills. In the event, the client’s needs are beyond my area of interest, such as related to accent modification, I have a host of Corspan colleagues to whom I can refer.

The services that I provide varies, however, the end goal is the same for every client; communication training that results in clear, confident speech. I especially enjoy working with clients who are linguistically diverse and are speakers of nonstandard English. That being said, I offer training in strategies for the use of language that is appropriate to the speaking situation (e.g. formal language vs. informal language), enhancement of nonverbal communication skills, rate of speech, and awareness of communication styles as it relates to one’s personal image and confidence. I work with clients on any aspect of speech/communication (other than accent modification), which presents a barrier to their professional or personal livelihood.

2. What do you find most rewarding about being a corporate speech trainer?
The most rewarding thing about being a corporate speech trainer is, seeing the end results in the clients’ ability to use effective communication to navigate their lives and in some cases, advance their careers. I have the privilege of working with people who want to change something about their speech. It’s rewarding that I get to be a part of that.

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