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Katie SchwartzKatie Schwartz
Business Speech Improvement

1. Tell us about your practice, including the location (city & state) and the services you provide.
My practice is my portal to an amazing variety of communication challenges in business, as seen by my clients. Although I started Business Speech Improvement in Reading, PA (USA), due to family needs it moved with me to Chattanooga, TN and now is in Durham, NC. Services I provide include foreign and regional accent modification, general diction coaching, presentation skills, speech rate reduction, communication techniques for leadership and more.

Companies and individual clients may request some help with American culture, persuasion techniques and other communication concerns. I view myself as a "communication problem-solver".

2. What do you find most rewarding about being a corporate speech trainer?
The best parts of being a corporate speech trainer are the variety of challenges, the motivated learners I coach, and the minimal paperwork involved. The clients are very appreciative of what they are learning, and excited when they accomplish a goal, such as improving their presentation skills!

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