CORSPAN, the Corporate Speech Pathology Network, is an international organization of Speech-Language Pathologists who specialize in communication assessment and training for businesses and professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide information, resources, networking, and client referrals to our members, while also promoting corporate speech pathology as a service to the public.
Services we provide to members:

Join CORSPAN and become part of a growing organization of fellow professionals who provide services to businesses and professionals. Benefits of membership include:

  • Profile Listing to promote your practice and help potential clients find you
  • List Serv to find the answers to your questions and share your expertise
  • Zoom-in Networking to interact with colleagues and take part in trainings
  • CORSPAN Social Media to chat with other SLPs in our members-only Facebook group
  • Resources to help you establish your business and expand your knowledge
  • Networking to meet other SLPs who share your professional interests
  • Service Opportunities to become a leader by serving on our board of directors
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    Services we provide to clients:

    Search our CORSPAN Membership Directory to find a Speech-Language Pathologist who can help you or your employees become better communicators. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Accent Modification to help non-native speakers communicate more effectively in English
  • Dialect Modification for native English speakers who wish to change their speech patterns
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Training to improve confidence and effectiveness when communicating in meetings or presentations
  • Voice Improvement to speak with adequate loudness, inflection and impact
  • Non-verbal Communication Training to recognize and capitalize on the unspoken messages conveyed by gestures, facial expressions and body posture
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Instruction to communicate more effectively with speakers from other countries and cultures
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